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Natural Style

A story

Family business. We are a 100% Estonian business producing outdoors clothing at our own family-owned factory. We trace our roots to a small market lot in Tallinn, Estonia, 1997. We traded souvenirs, including clothing, for tourists in the yet-small Estonian market. Slowly, we expanded, until we got our own shop, and later were able to start our own production. Our knitwork was marketed as souvenirs for tourists for its traditional Estonian patterned designs, but it soon came to be recognized by the local populace not only for its quality and faithful aesthetics, but also due to our 100% in-house, local and sustainable production.

Tightly-knit collective. It is thanks to our values as a team and a family that we were able to grow, through thick and thin, to the place where we are now. We support each other, and create a kind working environment. We extend these values beyond our employees, to all our customers and our planet. We believe that the positive impact we have on the environment is what gives value to our products. We work tightly with our suppliers to ensure ethical and eco-friendly sourcing, and we provide fast and responsive support to our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

Historic roots. The basis for our design philosophy is combining traditional knitting motifs and techniques with modern solutions and demands. Estonian knitting has a long history, rivaling that of other Nordic countries. And within the different regions of our country, there are many sub-cultures to draw inspiration from.

Natural style. The clothing we provide will let you feel at one with nature, unobstructed. Its sturdiness leaves you to your activities worry-free, and its comfort lets you enjoy your time whatever you do – be it hiking in nature or drinking hot cocoa at home. All our products are sourced and produced sustainably and are biodegradable. They are also long-lasting, which reduces waste.

Sustainable fashion. All our tenets are intertwined, even fashion and sustainability. We believe that by knitting timeless designs, we increase the useful life of our clothing, further reducing waste and encouraging responsible consumption. This is further backed up by the materials we use, which have inherent texture and properties that are prized for their appearance and qualities.

Natural Materials

Linen and wool - nature’s highest quality, most prestigious materials with long history and tradition.

Natural Production

Ethical and sustainable – from our supply chain to our factory and distribution

Natural Care

We believe in the buy-it-for-life philosophy. Learn how to make your linen & wool products last a lifetime.