A choice for nature

Develop interest in outdoor life

Inspired by Estonian craftsmanship, in our designs we draw on the centuries-old traditions and practices to guide you to a more natural lifestyle.

Family look
Cosy sweaters for you and your loved ones.
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men merino wool sweater
Creating sustainable style since 1997
Top 3 Sustainable Fabrics

In our modern world, brands and consumers alike have recognised the importance of sustainable choices in fashion. Since choosing eco fabrics could be challenging, we present our picks for the most sustainable fabrics in the market today.

wool vests
Corporate wear
We have extensive experience in developing comfortable, stylish workwear that captures your band identity and work environment’s needs.
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We are regularly exporting knitwear to our partners from all over the world.
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Natural Materials

Linen and wool - nature’s highest quality, most prestigious materials with long history and tradition.

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Natural Production

Ethical and sustainable – from our supply chain to our factory and distribution. 

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Natural Care

We believe in the buy-it-for-life philosophy. Learn how to make your linen & wool products last a lifetime.

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Kõpu knitted hoodie

Freedom in every movement

Introducing the Kõpu knitted hoodie, a cozy and stylish garment that embraces the rich heritage of Estonia.

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