Natural Materials

Our main tools of the trade are linen and wool. Both are high-quality, sustainable materials that with proper care, last for a lifetime.


Wool is nature’s own high-tech material for any season. It is anti-bacterial and odor resistant, and requires less washing, which contributes to its longevity. Although it is most famous for its warm sweaters and socks, wool is an excellent thermoregulator. Combined with its breathability, it lends the material to a wide range of applications, from breezy t-shirts to comfortable sweaters.


Merino wool is famous for being thin and soft to the touch. We take extra care to source only from certified cruelty-free suppliers. 



Alpaca wool has a wonderful cosy texture, and is hypoallergenic, meaning that those suffering from allergies might be able to wear it. 



Virgin wool also known as lambswool, is the wool taken from a lamb’s first shearing. It is also very fine, but is much warmer than the other wool types we use. In our case, all our wool is new wool, meaning that it has never been woven before



Linen is another high-quality material with a distinctive texture and feel. Its thermal and moisture-absorbent properties make it the perfect material for any weather, humid or dry, hot or cold. It is strong and durable, lasting a lifetime with proper care, bio-degradable and more sustainable than cotton, making it the perfect in an age where environmental awareness is more important than ever. Of course, its pleasant texture and hypoallergenic properties make it all the more attractive as the material of choice for any article of clothing.

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