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Natural Care

By the 21st century, we got used to the disposable mentality, especially when it comes to clothing.


Recently, not only has there been a push towards longer-lasting clothing for reasons of environmental preservation, but demand has also increased due to practical reasons, a mentality referred to as buy-it-for-life. We do everything in our power to provide you with highest quality durable clothing. Here, you can learn how to take care proper for your clothes to make them last a long time, and still look like new.

If you are able to, please also consider using environmentally safe detergents to help our planet.

Care instructions

Wool and linen knitwear

Care instructions

Linen fabrics

Finally, you can take your products to a dry cleaner for best results. It is particularly recommended you do so for large and heavy products.

The first times you wash your wool and linen items, they may shrink a little. This is normal.

As always, separate your clothes by color, and never wash white clothes together with colored clothes.

We hope that with these tips your clothes will serve you a very long time. In case of any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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