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Natural Production

We believe that the value comes from the story of each item that we create.

The story of the materials

because the care with which each fiber of each thread was sourced impacts the animals, the local communities, and the global environment.

We carefully hand-pick our suppliers from all over the world:

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina.

The story of the craftsmanship

which draws its strengths from millennia of tradition and experience.

Our Italian craftsmen:


Process raw-materials into yarn, which we can then transform into beautiful, long-lasting, high-quality clothing.


Meet the most stringent standards of the Responsible Wool, OEKO-TEX, GOTS and Woolmark certificates. 


ensure a sustainable production and a responsible footprint on the environment. 

The story of our employees

the good working environment, enables us to work with love and care.

The clothing is made 100% locally in Estonia, from inspiration and design to knitting and packaging. Here, in our family-owned factory, our technicians and designers come together to imbue real value into each article of clothing, with a history and a soul, that we hope to share with you.

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Natural materials

Linen and wool - nature’s highest quality, most prestigious materials with long history and tradition.

Natural Care

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